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Video Duration API

Retrieve accurate duration information for various media files.

Video Editing

The Video Duration API by is a powerful and efficient solution for retrieving accurate duration information from various media files. This versatile tool is designed to streamline workflows for content managers, media player developers, and analytics professionals. It supports multiple file formats, offers fast and accurate duration extraction, and is easily integrated via a RESTful API.

The API is scalable for high-volume processing, making it ideal for content library management, media player development, analytics and reporting, and automated content categorization. By using this API, developers and content creators can enhance user experience with accurate playback times, improve content organization and searchability, and save time and resources on manual duration checks. With its user-friendly interface and reliable performance, the Video Duration API by empowers users to efficiently manage and analyze media assets, ultimately enhancing productivity and user satisfaction.

This API provides fast and reliable media duration data.

How to start using the Video Duration API :

Sign up

Sign up for an API key through our dedicated developer platform.

Get API Key

Initiate a POST request to our API endpoint, providing the media URL(s) and required user information.

Get Response

Receive detailed response with duration, cost, and status.

Video Duration API Tutorial

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All Videos

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Content Management Systems

Integrating the Video Duration API by into your CMS can transform video and audio file management. This tool automates duration metadata extraction, eliminating manual checks and ensuring precise cataloging. Upon upload, the API retrieves accurate duration data, enhancing search, filtering, and content discoverability. Its scalability handles large libraries efficiently, saving time and resources.
The detailed response, including cost and status info, offers insights to optimize workflows. By leveraging this API, your CMS becomes a more intelligent media management solution.

Unlock Insights with the Video Duration API

Fitness App

Integrating's Video Duration API into analytics tools offers key insights for content optimization. This API automates accurate duration metadata extraction, enabling comprehensive analysis of media length patterns. Benefits include analyzing length distribution, understanding audience engagement with varying durations, identifying optimal content lengths, and tracking changes over time. This data helps uncover trends to adapt content strategy.

Accurate Duration Information for Seamless Media Playback

Video Editors

Integrate's Video Duration API to fetch accurate duration information for progress bars and timelines. This ensures precise timing, improving playback control and navigation. Leverage this API for a more polished, professional user experience. Viewers gain better content navigation control, while developers rely on consistent, accurate duration data across formats. Upgrade your media player's functionality and user satisfaction with reliable duration information. The text is grammatically sound and concise. It effectively communicates the benefits of integrating the Video Duration API into media players.

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Sarah T

Upgrade media player functionality effortlessly.

  • 1. What is is an AI-powered video editing platform designed to automatically trim silent and quiet parts of your videos, simplifying the editing process and enhancing video content quality.
  • 2. Is completely free?
    While offers a free version, advanced features and capabilities might require a subscription. The free version is available during our Beta phase.
  • 3. What video formats does support? supports various video formats, including MP4 and other common video file types.
  • 4. Can I use for bulk processing or commercial use?
    Yes, is suitable for both individual and bulk video processing. For commercial purposes, consider our subscription plans for more advanced features.
  • 5. What's the maximum video resolution/file size supported by
    Currently, supports videos up to 1 GB in size.
  • 7. How does the AI in process videos? uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze the audio track of the video, identifying silent or quiet segments and trimming them accordingly.
  • 8. How can I adjust sensitivity settings in
    At the moment, the sensitivity settings are managed by our AI to ensure optimal video output. However, we do have options for you to pass custom values for your use case.
  • 9. How do I cancel my subscription?
    You can cancel your subscription through your account settings or by contacting our support team at
  • 10. Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied with
    Yes, if you're not satisfied and have used less than 30% of the service, you can request a refund. Please refer to our refund policy for more details.
  • 11. Is the subscription renewal automatic?
    Yes, subscriptions renew automatically. If you wish to stop the renewal, ensure you cancel your subscription before the next billing cycle.
  • 12. Do you offer any yearly or lifetime plans for
    Currently, we offer monthly plans. While there's no yearly plan, our lifetime plan offers significant savings for long-term users.
  • 13. How is my video data stored and protected on
    Videos are securely stored on the cloud, and they're removed once processing is completed. We prioritize data security and employ advanced measures to protect your content.
  • 14. Are there any discounts available for larger teams or enterprises?
    For bulk subscriptions or enterprise inquiries, please contact our sales team for customized pricing and offers.
  • 15. How can I contact customer support for any issues or inquiries?
    You can reach our support team at for any questions or assistance.
  • 16. Are there any tutorials or guides on how to use effectively?
    Yes, you can find some demos here:
  • 17. How long does the video processing usually take?

    Processing time varies based on video length and complexity. However, our AI is optimized for quick and efficient video processing. Some overview: 🎬 Video Duration ➡️ Processing Time ⏱️ 3 mins ➡️ 5 mins ⏱️ 3-6 mins ➡️ 7 mins ⏱️ 6-12 mins ➡️ 10 mins ⏱️ 12-24 mins ➡️ 20 mins ⏱️ 24-48 mins ➡️ 30 mins ⏱️ 48-60 mins ➡️ 40 mins ⏱️ 1 hr+ ➡️ 🚫 Not supported
  • 18. What's the difference between the free and paid versions of
    The free version offers basic video editing capabilities and smaller length video, while the paid version unlocks advanced features, faster processing, and priority support.
  • 19. Can I use on mobile devices?
    Yes, is accessible via web browsers on mobile devices, providing a seamless editing experience across platforms.
  • 20. How often are new features or improvements added to
    We continuously work on improving, with updates and new features being rolled out regularly based on user feedback and technological advancements.
  • 21. Is there a community or forum for users?
    Yes, please join our discord channel:
  • 22. What should I do if I encounter an error while processing a video?

    In most cases, you will get to know when a video processing fails and why. If your job is stuck. Please contact our support team with details of the issue, and we'll work promptly to resolve it.
  • 23. Can I suggest features or improvements for
    Absolutely! We value user feedback and encourage suggestions to enhance our platform.
  • 24. How does handle videos with multiple silent segments?
    Our AI algorithm detects all silent segments within a video and trims them, ensuring a streamlined and engaging video output.
  • 25. Are there any restrictions on the content I can process with
    Users should ensure their content adheres to copyright laws and community guidelines. Uploading copyrighted or inappropriate material is prohibited.
  • 26. Does add any watermarks to the processed videos?
    No, does not add watermarks to your videos.
  • 27. How can I collaborate with others using
    Currently, is designed for individual use. Collaborative features may be introduced in future updates.
  • 28. Are there any integrations available with other tools or platforms?
    We're exploring integrations with popular platforms and tools. Announcements will be made as new integrations become available.
  • 29. What payment methods does accept?
    We accept payments through Stripe, supporting most major credit and debit cards.
  • 30. How can I retrieve my password if I forget it?
    On the login page, click on the "Forgot Password" option and follow the instructions to reset your password.
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