About Snapy

Maybe you wanna know what that new accessory is, or which dog your neighbor got, or get that cool t-shirt someone wore at the beach, shop for veggies, or maybe you’re just lazy to count.

Snapy is the brainy buddy who can do all of this for you in an instant! Snapy only needs to see it once, when you take a picture in the app. Be coy, and take a snapy to avoid any embarrassment over not knowing about stuff anymore.

You snap it, and Snapy gets it


Unique Features

You Snap it, and Snapy gets it

Snap It

When you snap a pic, a description pops up telling you all about what you have captured

Know/Learn It

That’s not enough? With another touch, you’ll be lead to the Wikipedia page to learn more about it

Shop It

Want to shop for it? You’ll know if it’s available at your favorite shopping destinations - Amazon or BigBasket

Meet Our Team

Kailash Ahirwar


Rakesh Patel

UI/UX Designer

Dilip Kumar

Android Developer


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