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Auto Video Editor

Automatically edit your video files, with zero effort.

Video Editing

Snapy harnesses the power of AI to simplify and revolutionize content editing. While many platforms may overwhelm with cumbersome interfaces and mediocre features, Snapy focuses on three core functionalities, each honed to perfection:

Audio Silence Removal: Clean up your podcasts, interviews, or any audio content by eliminating unwanted pauses and silences, ensuring a smooth and professional listening experience.

Video Silence Removal: Transform raw footage by removing awkward silences, making your videos concise and engaging, an essential feature that stands out for its precision compared to other solutions.

Auto Short Creation: Automatically generate captivating shorts from longer videos, perfect for social media teasers or highlights.

With Snapy, you don't need to navigate through complex web UIs. Simply input your content, let our AI work its magic, and receive polished, ready-to-publish material. Embrace a streamlined, high-quality editing experience that truly prioritizes your needs.

Smart Video Editor for Fast Content Creation and Automatic Silence Removal

How to Edit a Video:

Upload Raw File

Upload your raw video file on Snapy. Just drag and drop is all you need to do.

AI Does it's Magic

If you have some preferences for background. Select a template and let AI do the editing.

Download & Publish your file

Within minutes your video is auto edited. You're ready to take it out to your audience.

‘Auto Video Editor Online’ Tutorial

All Videos

All Videos

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Automatic silence removal and smart video editing

Snapy is equipped with the capabilities to refine and elevate your content in record time. With our advanced AI, remove silences from your videos effortlessly. Dive into the content creation process without the need for complex templates; simply provide your raw content and let our AI transform it. Enhance visuals by cropping, resizing, or adding effects as required. Introduce subtitles or animated text to make your content more engaging and accessible to a broader audience. With Snapy, quality content creation is just a few clicks away.

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Tailor your content for all major social platforms, including YouTube. Craft Instagram reels and Facebook stories with ease.

Create videos for social media

Video Editors

Bypass the need for pricey, intricate tools like Final Cut Pro or hiring expert production teams. With Snapy, effortlessly transform your videos, audios, images, and animations into polished content. Benefit from features like color correction, grading, and visual effects. Enhance audio, remove noise, and enjoy one-click audio cleaning (exclusive for pro users). Dive in with our ready-to-use templates or select from our extensive video and audio library.

Free Online Video Editing Software

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Stevezee, Marketing

"works pretty well 

only feedback is it would be better if the processing happens a bit faster, cos it took a couple mins for it to process my video.

other than that love it 🙂"

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