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Top 7 AI Tools That Replace Kapwing

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

We completely realise that the last thing you want to do when you have to make your own videos is spend weeks learning how to use a complicated video editing programme.

Kapwing offers advanced features that is beginner-friendly.

We'll introduce seven editing platforms today, aiming to help you select your preferred Kapwing alternative and kickstart your video editing journey in no time.

Top 7 Kapwing Alternatives 🥇








Alternative #1: Snapy

Best for creating engaging videos is a video editing software that provides advanced features and is particularly easy to use. Compared to other Kapwing alternatives, this video editor uses the magic of AI to help you create engaging videos. Pros 👍

  • Clear pricing tiers catering to different user needs.

  • Offers Voice Cloning feature in the Professional Plan.

  • Priority Support from Maker included in all plans.

  • Allows AI-generated short videos with watermark-free output. Cons 👎

  • Limited credits and minutes for auto editing compared to's plans.

  • The Voice Cloning feature is available only in the highest-priced Professional Plan.

Pricing 💸

  • Free demo on their website.

  • Personal - $9/month.(Upto 100 Minutes per month of Auto Editing/Upto 10 AI Generated Short Videos per month)

  • Enterprise - customizable offer

How does it measure up against Kapwing?

Kapwing video editing powers will revolutionize narrative, improve user experiences, and make the process of producing captivating visual content more accessible.In other hand offers seamless video editing, short video creation from longer ones, and background noise removal from video.

Alternative #2: Powtoon

Best to create animated video clips

create animated video

Achieve Studio-Quality Video Creation, All in One Place

Are you in search of a tool for crafting animated videos? Look no further; Powtoon emerges as the ideal online video editing platform for your needs. Powtoon serves as an online video editor facilitating the creation of impressive videos. Whether you're communicating with your team or conveying any message visually, this platform delivers short animated videos effortlessly.

Pros of Powtoon 👍

  • Cost-saving: Say goodbye to animation studio expenses.

  • Abundant templates: No design skills required; diverse background templates are at your disposal.

  • Personal touch: Record your screen or webcam for that added personalized feel.

  • Customizable characters: Create animated characters tailored to your brand or yourself.

  • PowerPoint transformation: Similar to Synthesia, transform presentations into engaging videos.

Cons of Powtoon 👎

  • Lengthy uploading process for images and video additions.

  • Limited animated avatars and animations available.

  • Potentially pricey plans.

  • Lack of advanced audio editing options.

💸 Pricing

Powtoon offers three plans to the public:

  • ➡️ Lite: Grab this plan for just $15 per month.

  • ➡️ Professional: Unlock all Professional plan features for $40 monthly.

  • ➡️ Business: Access this plan for $125 monthly.

How does it differ from Kapwing?

Powtoon, a cloud-based SaaS web platform, sets itself apart from Kapwing by specializing in crafting short animated videos. With Powtoon, you can design your own animated characters, choose from their templates, or record yourself, providing a diverse array of options for your video creation needs.

Alternative #3: Clipchamp

Best free option for Microsoft

best free option for Microsoft

Exciting Updates Await You with Clipchamp!

Looking to cut costs while editing your videos? Clipchamp stands as the go-to editing platform for savings. This platform boasts a free video editor, allowing users to edit without spending a penny. However, it's essential to note that while Clipchamp offers a free alternative using your own files, access to advanced multimedia and editing tools requires subscription to their plans.

Pros of Clipchamp 👍

  • Free video editing capabilities available.

  • Essential editing features cater to diverse user needs.

  • Exclusive library of stock videos, images, and audio accessible with pricing plans.

  • Seamless video sharing through integrations with YouTube, Google Drive, Pinterest, and more.

  • Videos under 5 minutes are watermark-free.

Cons of Clipchamp 👎

  • Limited storage and editing tools in the free version.

  • Resolutions beyond 1080p available only in paid plans.

  • Export rendering can be slow.

  • Short templates lacking detailed shot information.

💸 Pricing

  • Clipchamp, known as a free Kapwing alternative, introduces an additional plan named Essential.

  • For just over $50, Essential offers access to their stock, unlimited watermark-free exports, premium filters and effects, and more.

How does it differ from Kapwing?

Clipchamp shines as a preferable alternative for longer video editing needs or those seeking free access to robust editing features.

Alternative #4: Canva

Craft Stunning Videos with Canva's Free Design Platform

Create free design platform

By now, you're likely familiar with Canva, an online software renowned for designing cards, logos, slides, and various other creative products. But did you know that Canva also facilitates video editing?

Much like other Kapwing alternatives, Canva serves as a user-friendly online video editing tool.

Pros of Canva 👍

Free video editing capabilities available.

Vast library of media and graphics for diverse video elements.

Functional editing tools including filters, drag-and-drop, speed control, etc.

Beat Sync feature for synchronizing audio and video.

Thousands of customizable templates catering to different tastes and video formats.

Cons of Canva 👎

Full access to professional tools and templates requires payment.

Navigation to the Canvas editor might be less straightforward compared to other alternatives.

Potential glitches in the mobile application.

💸 Pricing

For video editing, Canva offers three alternatives:

➡️ Free: Limited but free option.

➡️ Pro: Priced at $119.99 per year.

➡️ Enterprise: Available at $149.90 per year.

How does it differ from Kapwing?

While Canva provides comprehensive online video editing capabilities, its primary focus wasn't initially on video editing. Consequently, despite being a robust online video editor, Canva may not match the breadth of Kapwing's video editing tools.

Alternative #5: Pictory

AI Crafting Social Videos from Your Content

video editor

Are you looking to convert your blog articles, posts, or lengthy content into captivating videos? Pictory, an online video editor leveraging AI technology, might be the answer.

Pros of Pictory 👍

  • Convert articles or posts seamlessly into engaging videos.

  • Quick and easy addition of subtitles to your videos.

  • Cost-saving as you won't need to outsource much.

  • Automatic summarization of lengthy content.

Cons of Pictory 👎

  • Accuracy of automatic summary highlights may need improvement.

  • Editing features might not match up to professional standards.

💸 Pricing

Pictory offers plans structured as follows:

  • ➡️ Standard: Available at $19.

  • ➡️ Premium: Obtainable at $39.

  • ➡️ Enterprise: Tailored quotes upon contacting their support team.

How does it differ from Kapwing?

Specializing in transforming text into videos, Pictory's editing tools might not boast the same depth as other platforms. Additionally, while powered by AI, Pictory's voiceovers currently support only English, unlike Kapwing.

Alternative #6: Renderforest

Craft Videos and Design Seamlessly with Renderforest

Video editor platform

Unlock the World of Video Creation and Design on Renderforest

Renderforest, established since 2013, has been a go-to platform for video editing, empowering thousands globally to design without the need for specific skills.

Pros of Renderforest 👍

  • Remarkably user-friendly platform.

  • Extensive support via training, webinars, and documentation.

  • Vast multimedia stock available.

  • Seamless social media integrations for easy sharing.

  • Extensive library boasting over 50,000 templates.

Cons of Renderforest 👎

  • Video duration limited to 30 minutes.

  • No offline version available.

  • Templates may lack the customization depth found on other platforms.

  • Lack of API integration.

💸 Pricing

Renderforest offers 4 plans to choose from:

  • ➡️ Free: Limited features.

  • ➡️ Lite: Priced at $9.99 monthly.

  • ➡️ Pro: Available at $16.99 regularly.

  • ➡️ Business: Offered at $29.99 monthly.

How does it differ from Kapwing?

While Renderforest and Kapwing share similarities, Renderforest seems to have evolved with more advanced and intricate editing tools compared to Kapwing. Renderforest is noted for its ease of use and speed, making it a faster alternative compared to Kapwing.

Alternative #7: Veed

Perfect for Professionals: Dive into VEED

make greate videos

Embark on VEED - An Insightful Online Editor.

Wrapping up this article, let's delve into another online editor: Veed Studio serves as an online video creation software tailored for beginners while maintaining its convenience for professionals.

Pros of Veed 👍

  • Online functionality without the need for downloads.

  • Accessible across various devices and operating systems.

  • Incorporates subtitles and text-to-speech AI tools.

  • Collaborative capabilities for team video production.

Cons of Veed 👎

  • Free version limits videos to 720p with watermarks.

  • Relatively higher pricing for some plans.

  • Occasional comments regarding the accuracy of auto-generated subtitles.

💸 Pricing

Veed presents three distinct plans alongside a free alternative:

  • ➡️ Pro: Available at $24 monthly.

  • ➡️ Business: Offered at $59 monthly.

  • ➡️ Enterprise: Obtainable for $100 monthly.

How does it differ from Kapwing?

Veed stands out due to its comprehensive editing tools, offering features such as automatic color correction, noise reduction, and speed control, providing a more intricate set of tools compared to Kapwing, making it a preference for certain creators. Choosing the best online video editor to create video clips

We know we've given you a lot to think about. All the Kapwing alternatives we mentioned are great options and, generally, easy-to-use video editors.

Certainly! When it comes to selecting a suitable Kapwing alternative for creating engaging videos, consider exploring Snapy. stands out due to its remarkable ability to create virtual humans, akin to interacting with real individuals, making the learning experience more engaging for viewers globally.

Research indicates that learners across various countries find "learning from peers" to be an effective method for acquiring new skills. Moreover, the response to virtual humans mirrors human interaction, fostering an immersive learning environment.

The simplicity of crafting virtual humans on Snapy mirrors the ease of making your morning coffee. Why not explore it yourself with a free demo? ☕️ Try's free demo today and revolutionize your videos using the potent capabilities of AI.

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