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The Top 4 AI Video Clipping Substitutes for 2023

Top Video Clipping alternatives:

4) Vizard

#1 Alternative:'s AI video clipping feature.

Among AI-driven video creation platforms, stands out as a great choice for social media and content marketing initiatives. It is excellent at creating micro-content, condensing long films into interesting highlights and small segments.

By automating the creation of these succinct snippets, our platform maximises the potential of the content, audience interaction, and reach from a single project. Although digital artists and marketers tend to favour it, e-learning teams, trainers, and users looking for conveniently accessible video formats can also benefit from it. Teams trying to deliver more palatable video content experiences would especially benefit from its auto-generated summaries.

Key Features:

Choose your own caption style

select caption position on your own choice

Add your own Watermark

Remove Silence and background noise

Pros of

  • Efficient Content Generation: automates the creation of micro-content, enabling users to transform lengthy videos into shorter, more engaging clips and highlight reels effortlessly.

  • Maximized Engagement and Reach: The platform's ability to generate concise snippets enhances content potential, fostering greater audience engagement and wider reach from a single project.

  • Versatile User Base: Beyond digital creators and marketers, caters to diverse user groups like e-learning teams, coaches, and others seeking accessible video formats, broadening its appeal across various industries and professions.

  • Enhanced Content Consumption: The auto-generated summaries provided by facilitate easier consumption of video content, making it more digestible and accessible for viewers across different preferences

Cons of

  • Limited Detailed Editing: While efficient for generating shorter clips, might have limitations for users requiring more intricate or detailed editing capabilities in their videos.

  • Potential Output Variances: As with any automated platform, there might be instances where the generated snippets might not fully capture the essence or desired segments from longer videos, leading to potential variations in output quality.


  • Hobbyeist : 9$ monthly plan (Include 100 credits, create upto 10 AI Generated Short Videos per month, Watermark Free Videos)

  • Creator : 19$ monthly plan (Include 250 credits, create upto 25 AI Generated Short Videos per month, Watermark Free Videos)

  • Professional: 49$ monthly plan (Include 1000 credits, create upto 100 AI Generated Short Videos per month, Voice cloning feature, Watermark Free Videos)

#2 Alternative: Pictory

Helps to clipping video

Pictory is a powerful AI video creation tool that is perfect for creating micro-content, particularly for social media and content marketing initiatives. By effectively cutting longer content into shorter segments and highlight reels, it maximises the potential, engagement, and reach of the content.

Pictory is mostly used by online marketers and producers, but it also serves e-learning teams, trainers, and anybody looking for a simple-to-use video format. Teams can easily produce more palatable video content with its auto-generated summaries, which improves the viewing experience for a variety of consumers.

Pros of Pictory:

  • Versatility in User Base: Pictory's accessibility makes it useful for e-learning teams, coaches, and other users looking for simpler video formats, even if it is primarily aimed at digital artists and marketers.

  • Enhanced information Potential: By using Pictory to convert long information into more palatable and shareable formats appropriate for social media and marketing, users gain from more interaction and a broader audience.

  • In addition to highlight reels and video summaries, videos can be auto-captioned and auto-transcribed, making this a great tool for greater accessibility.

  • The vendor offers video marketing masterclasses, case studies, a blog, and a creator community to give users the resources they need to make more engaging video projects.

Cons of Pictory:

  • Possible Oversimplification: text may be oversimplified by automated summarising, thereby losing depth or subtle information included in the original long-form text.

  • Restrictions on Customization: Pictory is good for creating shorter videos, but it may not offer as many extensive customization choices as it might for those who need more precise editing control over their videos.

  • Pictory does not offer AI avatars to its users.

  • No account option allows more than three users per account, which can be incredibly limiting for video team requirements.

  • Compared to many other competitors, Pictory is fairly expensive.

Pricing of pictory:

  • Standard: $19 per month, billed annually, or $23 billed monthly.

  • Premium: $39 per month, billed annually, or $47 billed monthly.

  • Teams: $99 per month, billed annually, or $119 billed monthly.

#3 Alternative: InVideo

Video clipping tool

InVideo is a powerful AI-powered platform designed to produce educational films and marketing strategy videos. Even those without any prior knowledge with video editing or creation may now create videos using InVideo. Users may streamline the process by having the platform's intelligence algorithms separate long input movies into cohesive and logical pieces in an effortless manner. Additionally, InVideo's automatic image selection appropriately complements the corresponding scenes and provides an easy-to-use interface for modifying and honing these visual components in accordance with personal tastes. This feature-rich toolkit is perfect for marketing campaigns and the development of informative material since it enables users to produce powerful and captivating movies without requiring a high level of technical knowledge.

Pros of InVideo:

  • Accessibility and Ease of Use: InVideo's user-friendly interface makes video creation accessible to individuals without prior video-editing experience, allowing for effortless content creation.

  • Intelligent Video Segmentation: The platform's AI intelligently divides long videos into logical segments, streamlining the editing process and enhancing workflow efficiency for users.

  • Automated Visual Matching: InVideo's automated selection of visuals tailored to scenes simplifies the process of choosing relevant visuals, providing a starting point for customization and adjustment.

  • Versatile Application: Suited for both marketing endeavors and informative explanations, InVideo caters to a broad spectrum of content creation needs, making it adaptable for various industries and purposes.

Cons of InVideo for Video Creation:

  • Limited Customization Control: While offering automated visual suggestions, InVideo might have limitations for users seeking detailed control over visual elements, restricting extensive customization options.

  • Dependency on AI Algorithms: Users might encounter instances where the AI's automatic segmentation and visual selection may not precisely align with individual preferences, requiring additional manual adjustments.

  • Learning Curve for Advanced Features: Users aiming to explore advanced functionalities within InVideo might face a learning curve, particularly if they seek more intricate editing tools beyond the basic features.

Pricing for InVideo:

  • Free: A free trial with watermarks on the videos.

  • Business: $15/month with no watermarks and 60 video exports.

  • Unlimited: $30/month with unlimited video exports.

#4 Alternative: Vizard

Vizard Ai clipping tool

Vizard introduces AI technology that can turn your videos into catchy, attention-grabbing clips ideal for going viral. Using Vizard's AI YouTube Shorts creator is super easy. All you need to do is upload your video, make any changes you fancy, and hit the "Get AI Clips" button. This action transforms your longer video into shorter YouTube Shorts, helping you attract more views and effortlessly grow your subscriber base using just one piece of content.

Getting started with Vizard is a breeze. You can kick things off by pasting a YouTube link or simply dragging and dropping your videos for upload. Additionally, you can harness the power of Vizard AI by clicking "Get AI Clips" for the system to automatically create YouTube Shorts for you. It's a simple way to make engaging and shareable short videos without much hassle.

Pros For Vizard:

  • Import from and publish directly to YouTube

  • Streamlined content operations

  • Vizard offers you the flexibility to either manually clip or harness AI capabilities, saving you countless hours of sifting through your YouTube video footage

Cons of Vizard:

  • Limited Customization Options: Users might find the customization options for editing their YouTube Shorts somewhat restricted, limiting their ability to tailor the videos extensively to their preferences.

  • Dependency on AI Output: There could be instances where the AI-generated clips might not fully align with the creator's vision, requiring additional manual adjustments, impacting the expected efficiency of the automated process.

  • Possible Reduction in Video Quality: The automatic transformation of longer videos into shorter YouTube Shorts might result in a reduction in video quality or impact certain visual elements, affecting the overall content output.

Pricing of Vizard:

  • Free plan: with AI clipping projects

  • Creator: 16$ month (40 AI clipping projects and 200 video exports)

  • Professional: 32$ (200 AI clipping projects and Unlimited video exports)

  • Custom: Build to fit your needs

So that would be our honest overview of the most popular AI video generators at the moment.

However, if we had to name the best one, it would definitely be

It has capability to create long form of video into several shorts in just one click. Also it give more features like add watermark, removing silence and also removing background noise from video.

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