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Greatest Alternative for RunwayML

Top 3 Alternatives of RunwayML:


2) Invideo

3) Steve

About RunwayML :

RunwayML AI tool

RunwayML, a web-based video editor, harnesses machine learning to simplify video editing. Its toolkit includes masking, color correction, compositing, and VFX. The platform features rotoscoping, an Inpainting tool, and multiband video streams. Leveraging AI-generated analysis and metadata, RunwayML enhances video quality by creating precise depth maps, enhancing image realism.

Pros of RunwayML :

  • Machine Learning Integration: RunwayML's utilization of machine learning streamlines video editing, enhancing efficiency and precision in the editing process.

  • Diverse Toolset: Offers a comprehensive range of editing tools, including masking, color correction, compositing, VFX, rotoscoping, Inpainting, and multiband video stream formats, catering to various editing needs.

  • AI-Enhanced Video Enhancement: Utilizes AI-generated analysis and metadata to enhance videos, creating accurate depth maps, thus improving image realism and overall visual appeal.

Cons of RunwayML:

  • Potential Learning Curve: Due to its advanced features and AI integration, new users might face a learning curve to fully grasp and utilize the platform's capabilities effectively.

  • Complexity for Beginners: The diverse toolset and advanced functionalities might overwhelm beginners or casual users seeking simpler video editing options.

  • Dependency on Internet: Being a web-based platform, reliance on a stable internet connection is necessary for uninterrupted editing, posing constraints for users in areas with limited connectivity.

Pricing of RunwayML:

Basic - Free Forever:

  • Free Forever, Sign up

  • 125 credits/month

  • 125 credits = 8s of Gen-1; 25s of Gen-2; or 25 image generations

Standard - $12/user/month (billed annually at $144):

  • Max. 5 users per workspace

  • 625 credits/month

  • Unlimited video editor projects

Pro - $28/user/month (billed annually at $336):

  • Max. 10 users per workspace

  • 2250 credits/month

Unlimited - $76/user/month (billed annually at $912):

  • Max. 10 users per workspace

  • Unlimited video generations

(Here are some top 3 RunwayML Alternatives) tool introduces a groundbreaking method to video editing, spearheading innovation with its unique features like the silence remover and audio-to-podcast conversion. Its intuitive interface and automated functionalities accommodate users across proficiency levels. Yet, the free tier's constraints, like credit caps and watermarked videos, might hinder seamless professional use, potentially limiting its utility for those seeking unrestricted editing capabilities.

Pros for

  • Innovative Tools: introduces revolutionary features like the silence remover and audio-to-podcast conversion, setting itself apart in the realm of video editing.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Its intuitive interface caters to both beginners and experienced users, ensuring accessibility and ease of use.

  • Automation: Automated tools streamline processes, enabling rapid editing and content creation, saving time for users.

  • Versatility: Offers both video and audio editing capabilities, catering to a wide range of content creation needs.

  • Podcast Conversion: The ability to effortlessly convert audio content into engaging podcasts adds value for creators looking to diversify their content offerings.

Cons for

  • Dependency on Internet: Being an online tool, reliance on a stable internet connection could be a limitation for users in areas with poor connectivity.

  • Professional Utility: The tool's suitability for professional-grade editing might be limited compared to more established software designed explicitly for professional video editing needs.

Pricing for :

  • Free Tier: $0 - 15 Credits, 20 Minute Cap, Watermarked Videos

  • Hobbyist Tier: $9 - 100 Credits, AI Editing (100 Minutes/month), 10 AI Generated Short Videos/month, Priority Support, Watermark Free, Full 1080p Videos

  • Creator Tier: $19 - 250 Credits, AI Editing (250 Minutes/month), 25 AI Generated Short Videos/month, Priority Support, Watermark Free, Full 1080p Videos

  • Professional Tier: $49 - 1000 Credits, AI Editing (1000 Minutes/month), 100 AI Generated Short Videos/month, Voice Cloning Support, Priority Support, Watermark Free, Full 1080p Videos

#2 Alternative : InVideo

InVideo AI tool

InVideo is a video editing tool driven by AI, offering a range of features for crafting polished videos. With 5000+ customizable templates, it aims to streamline video editing. Leveraging AI-driven tools like text, facial, and voice recognition, users personalize video content effortlessly. Widely favored by content creators and marketers, it simplifies high-quality video creation with minimal input.

Pros of InVideo :

  • Abundant Templates: InVideo boasts a vast library of 5000+ customizable templates, offering users a wide array of options for creating diverse and professional-looking videos.

  • AI-Powered Editing: Leveraging AI technology, the platform features tools such as text, facial, and voice recognition, enabling personalized and efficient video content creation.

  • Ease of Use: Simplifies video editing processes, making it accessible for content creators and marketers to produce high-quality videos with minimal effort and expertise.

  • Customization: Provides users with the flexibility to customize templates, ensuring personalized and tailored video content to suit different purposes and preferences.

  • Popularity Among Users: Enjoyed and favored by content creators and marketers alike, InVideo's user-friendly interface and AI tools have garnered popularity for efficient video creation.

Cons of InVideo :

  • Learning Curve: Despite its user-friendly interface, new users might initially find it challenging to navigate and utilize the extensive range of features and customization options.

  • Dependency on AI Tools: Reliance on AI-powered tools for video editing may sometimes limit manual control or in-depth customization, affecting the creative freedom desired by experienced users.

  • Template Dependency: While the extensive template library is a strength, heavy reliance on templates might lead to similarities among videos and limit uniqueness in content creation.

  • Feature Limitations: Certain advanced editing functionalities or intricate effects might not be available or might have limitations within the platform, restricting specific creative endeavors.

Pricing of InVideo :

Business Plan - $30/month:

  • Unlimited - $60/month:

  • Free Plan Features:

    • 40min video duration

    • 6000+ Video Templates

    • 3M+ Standard Media Library

    • Free Video Sharing

    • Automated Text to Speech

Business Plan Additions:

  • No watermark on videos

  • 60 HD video exports/month

  • 10 iStock media/month

  • 1M+ Premium Media

  • 20 Remove background/month

  • Mobile App Subscription

Unlimited Plan Additions:

  • No watermark on videos

  • Unlimited HD video exports/month

  • 120 iStock media/month

  • 1M+ Premium Media

  • 40 Remove background/month

  • Mobile App Subscription

#3 Alternative : Steve tool

Steve.AI utilizes AI for video creation, providing both live and animated options. It includes stock footage, characters, audio tracks, and features for text layout, scene duration, and color templates adjustments.

It offers a user-friendly interface with diverse features, enabling effortless creation of polished videos. Steve.AI's AI-driven tech and customization cater to users aiming to craft compelling video content without complex editing skills.

Pros of Steve:

  • AI-Powered Video Creation: Steve.AI leverages AI for live and animated video creation, streamlining the process for users without extensive editing skills.

  • Diverse Stock Resources: Offers a range of stock footage, characters, and audio tracks, providing users with ample resources to enhance their video content.

  • Customization Features: Provides options for text layout customization, scene duration adjustment, and color templates, allowing users to fine-tune and personalize their videos.

Cons of Steve :

  • Limitations in Advanced Editing: Despite its user-friendliness, the platform might lack advanced editing features that professionals or experienced users might require for intricate video modifications.

  • Potential Template Dependence: Heavy reliance on stock resources and templates might limit the uniqueness and originality of videos, leading to similarities in content produced by different users.

  • Learning Curve for Advanced Customization: Users aiming for detailed customization might face challenges in navigating and fully utilizing the platform's customization features effectively.

Pricing of Steve:


  • Monthly: $15

  • Yearly: $180

  • 720p video resolution

  • 5 Video Downloads/Month

  • Multiple Video styles, live action, and animation

  • No Steve AI branding

  • 10 Credits to use Premium Assets/Month

Starter (Recommended):

  • Monthly: $45

  • Yearly: $540

  • Includes everything in Basic, Plus

  • 1080p video resolution

  • 10 voiceover accents in English

  • 25 Credits to use Premium Assets/Month


  • Monthly: $60

  • Yearly: $720

  • Includes everything in Starter, Plus

  • 2k video resolution

  • 20 voiceover accents in English

  • 50 Credits to use Premium Assets/Month


  • Custom Pricing

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