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AI Shorts Generator

Generate YouTube Shorts, TikToks & Instagram Reels with zero effort.

Video Editing

1. Marketing Content:
An AI Shorts Maker can be invaluable to marketers. Based on a prompt such as "New summer collection launch," the AI could generate a concise and engaging video teaser, showcasing key pieces from the collection. This saves marketers time in brainstorming and content creation.

2. Educational Content:
Educators and online course creators can utilize this feature to produce bite-sized learning modules. A prompt like "Photosynthesis basics" could result in a short, illustrative video explaining the core concepts of photosynthesis, ideal for platforms like TikTok or Instagram Stories.

3. Psychological Content:
Therapists, counselors, or psychology enthusiasts can generate content that addresses mental well-being, self-awareness, or therapeutic techniques. For example, a prompt such as "Mindfulness meditation techniques" might lead to a calming, instructional short video on basic meditation practices.

AI Shorts Maker to turn your Prompts into Short Videos

How to Create an AI Short:

Add Idea, Goal and any extra details

Just type out your idea or what you'd like to create

AI Does it's Magic

If you have some preferences for background. Select a template and let AI do the editing.

Download & Publish your file

Within a few minutes your short is ready. You're ready to take it out to your audience.

AI Shorts Maker Free Tutorial

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All Videos

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AI Shorts Maker to turn your Prompts into Short Videos

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Navigating the dynamic world of social media content? Snapy is here to streamline your journey. Design captivating shorts tailored for TikTok's fast-paced rhythm, craft engaging stories for Instagram's diverse audience, or dive into YouTube Shorts for that quick yet impactful connection. With Snapy, you're not just creating content; you're curating experiences. Adapt to each platform's unique vibe, ensuring your message resonates every time. Dive in, and let Snapy be the tool that amplifies your voice across the social spectrum.

Create shorts for TikTok, Instagram and YouTube

Video Editors

Bypass the need for pricey, intricate tools like Final Cut Pro or hiring expert production teams. With Snapy, effortlessly transform your videos, audios, images, and animations into polished content. Benefit from features like color correction, grading, and visual effects. Enhance audio, remove noise, and enjoy one-click audio cleaning (exclusive for pro users). Dive in with our ready-to-use templates or select from our extensive video and audio library.

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Stevezee, Marketing

"works pretty well only feedback is it would be better if the processing happens a bit faster, cos it took a couple mins for it to process my video. other than that love it 🙂"

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